Monday 28 January 2019

French Royal des Carabiniers 1690'

Hi there friends!

Here you have some old pics from a unit I painted some years ago, my first cavalry unit for the French army. I wanted to depict an "elite" unit which fought in Flanders and Spain  during the League of Augsburg War: Royal des Carabiniers, in 1693 uniform.

This uniform was similiar to the one worn by this unit on earlier periods, and is taken from the book "French Cavalry of the League of Augsburg War", as well as the flag, printed from the same book.

Although most of my collection is North star 1672 and Front Rank miniatures, I like the old "Dixons Miniatures" Grand Alliance range, I got my inspiration from the League Of Augsburg forum and blog,  By Barry Hilton.

This miniatures are slighty smaller than my other units so I dont mix them with Front Rank or North Star 1672 in the same regiment, but yes in the same army.  However they mix perfectly with Wargames Foundry "Marlburian" range.

Here you have the pics (from 2014).