Thursday 30 November 2023

Oldhammer Chaos Warriors for Warhammer Quest

 Hi again guys,

I have just finished a couple of veeeery old Chaos Warriors from the eighties, I want them as enemies of the adventurers in Warhammer Quest. I will paint at least a couple more warriors , amongst them, the famous "Slambo" with his two axes... Here you have a catalog  with the miniatures, sadly I paid  more than the 1,95 pounds for 3 miniatures !

I am really having much fun playing Warhammer Quest lately and I desperately need more (painted) enemies to fighy with, and a random event card with 1D3 of 3Chaos Warriors will decide the game at certain points, or they can appear at the main room of the dungeon, protecting a Chaos wizard or something like that.

I am new to painting Chaos warriors and this kind of armor, I like more the result of the black armor using edge highlights of grey over black on the left warrior, but the full metal armor guy on the right wasn`t too bad, I painted him much quicker, also using drybrush with lighter shades of steel and silver paints by Vallejo Model Air. 

I really like the style of the Oldhammer miniatures, I know modern sculpted plastic Chaos warriors are bigger, better sculpted, with a lot of details... but I still love these models, maybe because of nostalgia or becuase they have a special flavour that modern 3d designed miniatures lack.. I don't know, but I will stick to these kind of models for my games, as long as my pocket can hold!

I hope you like this little update. Cheers!


  1. Very nice indeed Jose…
    That’s a pair of classic old school Jes Goodwin figures you’ve got there.

    All the best. Aly

    1. Thanks Aly,
      Goodwin, you, and the Perries are my favorite sculptors !

  2. Still my favourite era of citadel miniatures. I miss the days when ever miniature had it's own name! Very nice work on the armour.