Tuesday 12 July 2022

Battalion gun for Tercio Morados Viejos

 Hello friends,

I hope your summer is going great! After a week off, I came back home and finished an ad hoc base for a Tercio I painted some years ago... a battalion gun or "mansfelete" light gun of Tercio "Old Purples" or "Morados Viejos" for my Spanish army of 1670-90'.

I used an old Phoenix miniatures Spanish Musketeer, cut off his hands, musket etc, and replaced with GW plastic hands of artillery crew of the Empire great cannon! my Warhammer Empire bits box is extremely useful for all kind of medieval, renaissance or baroque miniature conversions.

The other artillery crew is a brand new Reiver Castings miniature from their nice Franco Dutch War range.

The battalion gun itself is a 15mm Napoleonic carriage with a 28mm gun from Blood & Plunder miniatures.

Both miniatures were painted with Foundry Paints and Vallejo, specially Royal Purple paint! 

And now the full unit:



  1. Love the shade of purple. Great convertion work Jose.

    1. Thanks Ray! yeah, purple is an odd but nice color for a uniform! I think it is the only regiment of its time in purple !

  2. A lovely looking gun Jose…
    It really finishes the unit of…

    All the best. Aly

    1. Many thanks Aly! nothing like an extra firepower in the field ;)

  3. A superb looking unit! Love the conversions.

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