Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Spanish flags, late XVII c.

Hi all,

Here you can find several land (infantry and cavalry) and naval flags for the second half of XVII century. They are from an old book : "Les Triomphes de Louis le Grand"

you can check it here:;2

The book deals with the captured "enemy" flags of the era of Louis XIV. Most of these flags are featured in the book " The Spanish Armies of the League of Augsburg War" by Boeri, Mirecki and Palau (2002), a must have for any enthusiast in Spanish military history.

(one English flag) 



  1. Which are the Spanish naval flags?

    1. Hi ! pics number 4 (down), 9 and 15, If you start counting from the first pic of this post. These flags are from the Ships of Carlos II.