Wednesday, 5 September 2018

28mm Foundry Huns !

Hello again guys

As I have lots of "active" projects, I painted last year a unit of superb Foundry Huns, I love these little sculpts, I love them so much that I bought all of them hahahaha. I plan to paint all, but for now, just to test paint, I painted a "unit" for Basic Impetus 2.0 of Huns, for my Western Roman army (Patrician Roman army list),  from 400 AD onwards. I tried to paint earthy tones, I used, as always, Vallejo, Foundry and some GW paints and washes. My inspiration was , apart from the paintjobs featured in Wargames Foundry web page,  the pics included in the rather excellent book written by Kevin Dallimore a few years ago, with the Foundry "triad system".
  They are a little "shiny" so I will cover them with another layer of acrilic matt varnish. I hope you like them !!



  1. Nice work! I really like the series of the Huns from Foundry

    1. Thank you mate, me too, more than any other recent releases from other brands.