Friday, 7 September 2018

Earthworks defenses (Forgeworld scenery)

Hello Gentlemen,

A couple of years ago, I decided to acquire a product from Games Workshop's Forgeworld, for my modular tabletop, the "Earthworks"! it is a sturdy piece of resin, very well sculpted, full of little details here and there... It is fully compatible with the "Realm of Battle" tiles from Games Workshop. Its size is 40cm x 40cm.

I was kind of intimidated by its size, so It layed around collecting dust until recent times...  Inspired partially by the fabulous terrain pieces shown in the League of Augsburg's Blog :) 

So, here is the final result. I think it is quite versatile, so I can use it with my late XVII century miniatures, and also Warhammer Fantasy Empire (its true context) or Thirty years war.

Now some work in progress pics; I primed it in black, but first, I glued some very fine beach sand in some places where I thought the ground sculpt was too soft for my taste.

then I sprayed with, a cheap spray can,  brown paint in some places, and after that, the long airbrush stage. I airbrushed grey paint in the rocky parts, and then I highlighted it with with lighter colours.

Then a boring part (for me) with a medium to large brush, I blocked the main colours in all those little details...  here a shot before this stage.

And after the main colours where aplied, I washed it with homemade washes, then drybrushed the whole thing with different colours, and paint all the details (it took a while to do so).  The the pigments here and there, to simulate dust , and static grass & tufts everywhere!

And now, with some little men defending their position!

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