Thursday, 20 September 2018

Bolt Action Japanese & comission


Several posts this week ;)  today I bring you some tanks for Bolt Action I painted for a client recently. I rarely accept comissions in 28mm because of the time required to paint 28mm stuff... and I prefer painting for me and my collection.  I accepted this time anyway hehe. 

Here you have 3 vehicles, the first one is a  Type 95 Ha go from Warlord Games, in colors of SNLF (Japanese Marines) in Saipan 1944. painted to a  high TABLETOP standard imho...  Its not a showcase model, but  not  a bad paintjob anyway.

The second is from company B models, US based,  it is a Type 93 Sumida Armored Car, painted in SNLF colors too, inspired by some pictures from the Japanese raid or attack in Shanghai in 1932.
Again a tabletop level paintjob.

The third tabletop painted model is a Sherman, from an unknown manufacturer (probably a resin copy, I bought it second hand), its a major conversion, using some wooden planks and sandbags (metal accesory from Company B), painted similar to those Shermans from the US Marine Corps in Iwo Jima and Okinawa.

Apart from the previous comissioned vehicles, I have more beautifully painted ones, like this scale model of a Type 2 Ka-Mi

Yes, I love Japanese Navy tanks...

And now some showcase of my painted Japanese "
Army for Bolt Action!

 Type 97 Chi Ha, Resin model from Warlord Games

 Zero fighter, 1/72 Hobbyboss "easy to build" line

 Warlord Games "Jungle Fighters"

The Assault Group, 28mm Japanese officer and riflemen

I hope you like this little update! 


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