Wednesday 8 September 2021

Tercio of Dragoons Vanderpit/Valensart (Walloon)


Hi mates,

Now there is the turn of a unit I painted a while ago, but never featured here, Tercio of Valanzart I did not showed before because I misinterpreted the colors of the uniform, which should be all green, and I painted in green with blue facings because I thought that this unit later became "Dragones de Batavia", during War of Spanish Succession, and that is true... BUT during late XVII the uniform was different from the WSS so now I am thinking about repainting in green the blue parts.

The miniatures are Front Rank 28mm French dragoons from WSS but the Spaniards used in some Tercios the same cap for their Dragoons in Flanders, so I used those miniatures as I am a big fan of Front Rank miniatures.  I like to base my dragoons in individual bases and sabot bases because they usually  fought in a skirmish mode until the very end of the century.

On January 12, 1676, a Tercio of  dragoons were raised in the Netherlands by patent awarded to Niklaus Hartmann to participate in the war in Holland. The command passed the following year to Vandewin Vanderpit and in 1684 to Theodore de Valanzart, with whom the unit participated in the  League of Augsburg War.

The flag was taken from the book "Spanish Armies of the League of Augsburg War".

This Tercio fought a lot of battles during the late XVII c:

Franco-Dutch War :

Bouchain 1676

Battle of Mount Cassel and Charleroi 1677

1678 Battle of Mons

War of the Reunions:

Luxemburg 1684

War of the League of Augsburg:

 1689 Walcourt Defense

1690 Battle of Fleurus

1692 Battle of Steenkerke

1693 Battle of Neerwinden

1694 Taking of Huy

1695 Recovery of Namur

I hope you like this little thread.



  1. Lovely dragoons. Excellent work, I often struggle with green uniforms but these look really nice.

    1. Many thanks Peter, me too, this time I used the good old (oop) Knarloc green from Citadel

  2. They do indeed. A very nice unit.

  3. Truly superb...magnificient details!

  4. Absolutely amazing! Lovely paint work.

  5. They look great Jose! I need some Spanish Dragoons for my 15mm army. I may have to paint these bad boys up myself!

    1. Many thanks Ray! If your army is in Spain, you should use Tercio Viejo de Dragones and Tercio Nuevo de Dragones (dressed in Red & yellow, and yellow & red respectively!) If in Flanders, you can paint this and many other units, they were elite among the Allies in Flanders.

  6. Lovely looking toys Jose…
    And a nice bit of historical background…
    It almost seems a shame to cover up the blue… it goes rather well with the green.

    All the best. Aly

    1. Many thanks Aly, yep, I agree…I think they will remain semihistorical for aesthethic purposes ;)
      Cheers !