Wednesday 11 September 2019

30 Years War: more French reinforcements & Spanish gun.

Hello guys,

I continue in a French mood, so the past week I decided to do some more modifications and touches on my miniatures in order to convert the following:

- a Swedish leather gun (double barrel) into a French saker

- English Civil War cavalry into French "Dauphin Gendarmes" regiment.

The first one is the leather gun, I bought it from Warlord games a few years ago, and painted it with a lot of blue tones, but now that my Swedish project has been abandoned, and turned it into French, I retired the double leather barrel of the gun, and substituted it with a spare resin gun from Warlord Games saker.
I have left the crew as they were painted, but now I see them and feel that all those blue tones are a bit unnatural for the nature of 30 Years War... I mean, too uniformed for the French in the 1630-50' and those tones are not very appropriate for artillery crew... so I may repaint a couple of things here and there with browns or greys... What do you think, they still look too Swedish?

The second unit is a French cavalry squadron, from the regiments "Dauphin Gendarmes" , I took the flag from this old blog, which has very useful information about wargaming TYW French:

The miniatures are not painted by me, I bought them from the talented Peter Walker, who has also an interesting blog, just look on the right column of the blogs I follow.
I rebased the miniatures, and repainted the sashes and scarfs in white, the colour of the French monarchy, and as I said, put a new French flag and now the unit seems a lot more French, imho. Of course I avoide English features like the Tri bar Helmets or Montero hats,  so now with their more European Lobster helmet and broad brimmed hat, the unit is very "TYW".

Apart from the previous French units, I mentioned a saker from Warlord Games, so I show you here, painted some years ago, as a Spanish gun.  Before painting it, I used "instant mould" with the gun in order to have spare resin copies for my artillery needs, and thanks to that, I was able to use one of those to convert the Swedish leather gun into a Saker or medium artillery.

I hope you like them.