Wednesday 4 September 2019

28mm TYW French command base!

Hi guys, 

After a month of hobby break, I have come back!  Yes, August in Spain is terrible for painting... too many outdoor activities and holydays... 

I have read the book “The armies of Philip IV of Spain” by Helion, and it gave me strength to carry on with my TYW “foe” army, the French, and wanted to depict a French Field marshall, maybe La Ferté, Turenne, Rohan... a generic one.  As there are not specific French leaders, I used some TAG 28mm I had previously used as Swedish, (but from their German range, Pappenheim miniature, to be exact). 

The flag is from the internet, I just googled Louis XIII and Louis XIV standard, and printed it in 28mm size!  The painting as French nationality is a bit boring, white flag, white sashes, white shirts... so I leaved I sash in blue, just for colour variation. In TYW you can use several colours for enemies of the Habsburg ... almost everyone BUT red!

The painting was quite simple, in common 17c colours, with 3-5 highlights. The base is plastic Renedra (I know, I should paint a dark brown trim in the edge) and a metal Front Rank Gabion to add some flavour of the period... just 3 men and a couple of horses et Voilà!

In the near future I will convert a Swedish leather gun & crew into a French saker, and some ECW cavalry into French Chevauxlegers... we will see how this project turns out.


  1. Lovely looking command stand and really nice basing!
    Best Iain

  2. Figures look absolutely ace with some sweet painting. But somehow the base looks a little empty?

    1. Thanks Moiterei! Yes true, I did not know what else to add to the base... It is a big base... maybe a musket, or “chevaux de Frise” defenses, another foot soldier or similar.