Monday 8 April 2024

30 Years War: French cavalry squadron

Hello guys,

I have finished another unit for my French army of the 30 Years War, a cavalry unit this time.

The unit is "unkown" so I will use as generic French heavy cavalry or demi cuirassiers in the 30 Years War and Franco Spanish War, 1635-1659.

I use this flag just because I like the design. I downloaded and printed for free from this fantastic site:

this flag, amongst others, are taken from the painting "The Capture of Privas" (May 28, 1629) (Château de Versailles).

The miniatures are an odd mixture of Perry ECW cuirassier command miniatures and Bicorne ECW cavalry in cuirass and helmets. The spare Bicorne troopers I bought painted a while ago, were repainted to match my painting style and give them a French look with the white shases.

 I know a couple of the helmets are very "English" but I used them anyway, who knows wether they were used in the continent, and very similar lobster pots and burgonets were definitively used by all sides during 30 Years War.

I painted them in Vallejo and Foundry paints and then ultra matt varnish in most areas but some of the metals. I am not quite happy about the result of the blackened armor of the leaders and flag bearer, but I will do some experiments in the future with NMM black armor with just edge highlighting.

I have to add at least another squadron to this small French army, but now is playable, with 2 cavalry squadrons, 3 infantry regiments and one more half painted, plus an artillery piece and command base.

I am looking forward to give this army its baptism of fire with Pike & Shotte Epic rules adapted to this scale.

I hope you like them!



  1. Wonderful looking squadron- I think your blackened armour turned out excellent.

  2. Beautiful work once again Jose, and a great link to the flag website too!

    1. Thanks Ray! :D yay, that website is a gem for 30 Years War stuff.

  3. Superb looking unit, really well painted.

  4. Very nice Jose…
    Beautiful toys beautifully painted…

    All the best. Aly

  5. That's a beautiful looking unit. Great work on the horses.