Thursday 24 February 2022

3rd Century Romans project

 Hello guys,

I have a semi abandoned project since 2015 or so...  The III Century Crisis / Middle Imperial Romans. But now, I got some inspiration and started again the project. 

Recently I bought Wargames Atlantic new "Late Romans" plastic miniatures, but they are indeed Mid to Late Romans, so I decided to use the box for my now resurrected project, and also for my other Roman army (Late/Patrician).

I had already a bunch of excellent A&A Armorum & Aquila miniatures, almost the whole army, although unpainted. My idea is to use them for Impetus or Hail Caesar, and I have a lead pile that consists of 4 legionaries unit, 2 Lanciarii or Auxiliares, 1 Unit of armoured archers, 1 unit of equites and some extras.

It is not my top priority project, but I will slowly be building up this army to fight against my Sassanids or even fight between themselves, as III century Romans often did !

I show you here the first unit I painted a while ago,  A&A Miniatures, with Littlebigmen transfers, based on the design of scutum/shield found at Dura Europos.

And now some test models of Wargames Atlantic and A&A miniatures with other design of scutum with Littlebigmen transfer, and with a hand painted shield of Legio II Parthica.

Here you have some artwork by several painters of the shield design I have used for this new legion :)


  1. Wonderful painting. On occasion I have thought about collection forces for the later Roman-Persian Wars.

    1. Thanks mate, I did that too, I love playing with my early Byzantines vs. Sassanids!

  2. Lovely looking Romans Jose…

    Of course it’s one of my favourite periods…
    The Wargames Atlantic figure looks rather nice… maybe when I’ve gotten through the Roman/Sassanid lead mountain it will get some..

    All the best. Aly

    1. Thanks Aly! Yes, I saw your minis in Lead Adventure Forum a while ago, I hope to see more of that soon !