Saturday 4 December 2021

Speedpainting/Quickshade : Tercio de Barcelona (in its early uniform)

 Hello guys,

A couple of months ago I bought from a Facebook friend, Richard O' Connor, a bunch of (mostly) upainted miniatures from North Star 1672, but also 9 painted miniatures in green and yellow uniform, from Tercio of Barcelona in its first uniform for the early 1670's. They were based in round single bases, so I thought about rebase them on my regular 4cm x 4cm bases for infantry, and also painted the rest of miniatures in order to get a full unit (usually 16 infantry models in my armies). 

I wanted this to be made "fast" so I took several models I had, like the "French" grenadier on the left from Northstar 1672, a Reiver Castings new Spanish model, and new Spaniard musketeers from Northstar 1672.  

In order to paint them quickly, I airbrushed them all in green, and then just applied a basecoat of all the others colors. They were ready for the Quickshade application! I slapped on the thing all over the miniatures, lightly thinned with White Spirit, and then leave them to dry for 48 hours... Then I re applied the basecoat colours and some minor highlights (2-3 coats of lighter colors), then a matt varnish coat, and they were ready to fight.  

That is why this Tercio was speed painted...because I had half unit painted already by another painter, and the other part, quickly painted with the Quickshade method!

The blue flag with Barcelona´s coat of arms is from Minairons miniatures, a Spanish based company, the other one, generic with the Burgundy cross... I don't remember.

They are now ready to take part in Catalonian campaign against Schombergs' French forces, that were defeated in Bellegarde fortress and Maureillas field battle in 1673-4.  You can read that action here in the blog :

I have another post in this blog dealing with Tercio de Barcelona, but in its later uniform:

you can read it here :

Here you have more shots of the unit:

I hope you like it !


  1. Great result with the speed painting method- very nice!

  2. A fine bit of speed painting Jose…
    It’s a lovely looking unit…

    All the best. Aly

    1. Thanks Aly! Now its time for some more “heroes” or leaders for the army !


  3. I do like it. These are very smart and it's a good colour combination with the green and yellow. I do like the North Star figures.

    Meanwhile Spanish Napoleonic troops have rescued the local bishop from France's allies today on my wargame table for the Peninsular.

    I love seeing your work, especially in this late 17th century period.


    1. Many thanks Stephen! Yeah, this period is very colorful.
      Really? Spaniards don't like revolutionary French attacking their religion! hehehe.

      Best regards