Monday 4 March 2019

28mm late XVII c. Spanish Command base

Hello gentlemen,

Today a very quick update... this weekend my Spanish command base or general of the army, was refurbished, I removed a Front Rank WSS officer, and added 2 individually sculpted Spanish foot soldiers. The reason for the change is that my earlier diorama base was more "War of Spanish Succession" oriented, with an officer in tricorn (from Dutch range of Front Rank miniatures), and I wanted a more XVII c. look.

The mounted general is from Front Rank miniatures (Monmouth figure, I guess), painted some years ago. He represents a Spanish General or Viceroy like Marquis de Gaztañaga or Duke of Escalona or Duke of Villahermosa...  3 of the main Characters of the Franco Dutch war and League of Augsburg war.

I used a Front Rank pikeman with red sash and a generic flag of Spain, with its red Burgundy cross and white background as a standard bearer.

I hope you like it !