Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Tercio Creativo miniatures showcase and review : French "30 Years War" fantasy miniatures.

 Hello guys,

A quick update on my XVII c. warbands.  This time I painted a couple of excellent "Tercio Creativo" sculpts, from his "Gallic usurpers" faction, aka French, with a slight fantasy look, but historical enough for me. My only complain is their scale, 32mm heroic scale, so a little bit bigger than my other miniatures from other manufacturers like Anno Domini 1666 (28mm small), Bloody Miniatures (28mm standard) or Bicorne (28mm mid to big).

The first one is a cuirassier with a curious helmet but historical as I could see in military museum of Paris, Les Invalides, some examples of these kind of helmets are in my previous post.

This cuirassier is over armoured, by mid XVII no cuirassier would be dressed with that amount of metal plates, but the miniature is nice, and his weapon is quite interesting, an Axe-pistol:

The painting was quite simple, just a dark metal colour, washed, drybrushed and with some simple edge highlight, it was fast, I did not want to spend hours with that dark armour, and I matt varnished it. The cloak is foundry blue, I am quite happy with its result as it looks smoothly painted and clean.

The other miniature is a conversion of a Tercio Creativo guard with French halberd. I cut his head, which was also a cuirassier head with a sunrise expression , and glued a metal head with a XVII c. cabasset in French or Dutch style , nicely done by Reiver Castings miniatures (Thanks to Rob Anderson who kindly donated a bunch of these).

I like the  Fleur de Lis on his chest cuirass that identify him as French. I painted his trousers in the same blue tone of the dismounted cuirassier's cloak, in order to give some cohesion to the warband.

With these two miniatures, I have a total of 3 Tercio Creativo French, and I plan to build a modified Mordheim warband or just play Donnybrook or Encamisada.

The third mini was painted a year ago or so, and is the leader of my French enfant perdús, from my Siege of Girona 1684.

I will add more miniatures from this brand, like a flag bearer, a sniper, a duelist... And from other brands maybe some common troops  maybe from Bloody Miniatures and Anno Domini 1666. The only problem with Anno Domini 1666 is that its miniatures are more realistically proportioned, and are more slim and less bulky, but otherwise fantastic sculpts like its King's Musketeers and Cardinal's Guard! 

Here you can see some unpainted examples

from left to right: Tercio Creativo, Bloody Miniaturd, Bloody Miniatures and Anno Domini 1666.

All these are Tercio Creativo miniatures, some of them very useful for XVIIc games.

conversion on the right


  1. They look like very nice figures and your painting really brings them to life.

  2. Interesting looking figures Jose …
    The look like fun to paint.

    All the best. Aly

    1. Yes they are, quite bulky so they take paint nicely. Thanks Aly!