Saturday 31 December 2022

Some small terrain pieces for generic or XVII c. games

 Hello guys,

This will be the last post of 2022 ! I am painting a couple of galleons in different scales to see which scales fits my needs for the new games like Mad for War (Barry Hilton) or Black Seas (Warlord Games), also some Romans,  Foundry Marlburians...  But also I wanted to finish 3 small terrain pieces for my XVII games. 

The first one is a stone cross, by "Tercio Creativo", very simple terrain although quite nice, I painted it in several shades of earthy greys, washes and drybrushing. This kind of crosses were (and are) very common in Europe,  It is intended to be used in my XVII c. games in Spain, Flanders or Italy, also in WW2 Italy or France.

the other 2 are: a barricade made of wooden boxes, very simple and easy to paint with successive drybrushing stages in different tones, and a paper flag on top with Spain's coat of arms. 

And a destroyed cart with barrels and wicker basket, also quite simple.

Sorry but I don't remember the manufacturers of the last two pieces. All 3 are resin.

Cheers and Happy New Year!


  1. Nice pieces of table dressing J. I really like the barricade; the crates with the flag on it is from Micro Art Studio (Ware Piles set).