Monday 10 January 2022

Warhammer Empire: Mounted Herald with Battle Standard!

 Hello guys, and Happy New Year!

This is my first post of 2022. This time I bring you a fantasy miniature, the Imperial Herald with Battle Standard. This figure was released in 1992 for Warhammer Empire army, sculpted by Alan Perry.

I was lucky enough to buy the box of "Heroes of the Empire" 3 years ago, at a good price, but I had painted none of the miniatures until now.  

In Christmas I am usually in a "Warhammer" mood, perhaps because, when I was a child, these kind of miniatures were a common Christmas present at home :)  So I grabbed this mounted Herald and started painting him!

I used an airbrush in order to speed up the process of painting the barding of the horse. I also used waterslide decals by Greenstuff World, I highly recommend them, great quality and you get a lot of decals per sheet.  I chose the more " Empire" like designs and applied to the barding of the horse, and also to the rider when it was painted. Of course I first applied a coat of gloss varnish prior to putting the decals into place.

This kind of miniature is a joy to paint: lots of character (It's a Perry!) and a huge amount of details everywhere, so also was time consuming to get it finished.

By the way, the flag was imposible to me to find it on the internet or books/magazines, so I just took a picture with my phone of the miniature in the Army Book of the Empire, and then print it in the appropriate size and Voilà! I had the (literally) original flag on my own version of the Herald with Battle Standard. 

I hope you like it!



  1. That is a beautiful red on the caparison; so solid and bright.

  2. What wonderfully old school miniature Jose…
    A lovely paint job indeed.

    All the best. Aly

    1. Thanks Aly, that is my favourite range of Warhammer miniatures, the late 80' and early 90' By the way, I have in my painting desk the Imperial hero on pegasus, I think it was sculpted by you!

      Best regards

  3. Hi,

    Can you please share how you created the paper banner? If you have the banner design on your computer would you please share it? This is the only banner from the 1992 Empire army that is not featured as a photo copy design. I have the Imperial Herald, Karl Franz and the Knight of the White Wolf Standard Bearer and I want proper banners for them. Also could you please share what kind of paper you use for your banners?

    1. Hello mate, I made picture with my phone at the original art box, and then slightly edited it on my pc, I will look for it and send it to you.

  4. Great, thank you so much for that, also if you have good reproductions of the other 4th/5th edition characters and standard bearers can you share those also? I am looking for the ones that belong to the Knights Panther Standard Bearer, Knights of the White Wolf Standard Bearer, Emperor Karl Franz on Deathclaw, Imperial Herald, Reiksmarshal Kurt Helborg, and the Emperor’s Champion Ludwig Schwartzhelm.

    I am an avid collector of the 4th/5th edition Empire and 5th edition/6th edition Bretonnia, and many of the iconic High Elves and other from 4th/5th edition and seek to faithfully reproduce collections of them.

  5. I have all of the banners for 5th/6th edition Bretonnia, and just need the ones for the Empire, High Elves specifically Eltharion and Imrik, and Grom the Paunch. If you can share which ones you have that would be much appreciated, thank you.