Wednesday 19 February 2020

30 Years War French: Regiment Picardie finished!

Hello guys,

A few months ago, I started a TYW French army, I have already a command base, a cavalry unit and artillery, but no infantry finished so far, so here you have the first infantry regiment painted; Picardie regiment.

As I am a slow painter, I decided to speed up the process by commissioning some musketeers to the very talented Toby, from Artmasters Studio ( I highly recommend them) because his painting style is similar to mine, so the painted miniatures look nice together.  I based the miniatures and put some grass on the bases. The miniatures are a mix of Foundry, Warlord and Bicorne.

In a few days I will finish another regiment, Turenne, with the mentioned commissioned musketeers and the pikemen and command painted by me. Also an English regiment (for 1656-58) or Rebel Catalan Tercio pro French (1640-58) will be finished in the near future in order to make this small army playable with 3 foot units, 2 horse units, arty and command. After that, it will be expanded with more native french infantry, dragoons, more artillery...


  1. That's a nix mix of minis. With such nice painting and basing the different manufacturers blend in together very well.

    1. Thanks mate, yeah, a lot of different manufacturers but Imho they fit well together!

  2. Cracking job, they look superb!

  3. Lovely mix of figures that work really well together in this non uniform era!
    Best Iain