Tuesday, 26 June 2018

"Speedpainted" Austrian Tercio and Spanish Command

Hello again

This week I finished a couple of mini projects. The first one is an Imperial Austrian Tercio for 30 years war. I used 2 bases of Quickshade painted musketeers, and a base of spare pikemen I have, I painted a standard bearer, all miniatures from Warlord Games plastics, and a generic flag included in the box. I spent a little more time in the standard bearer in order to draw attention to him and the flag and not to his tabletop painted companions.

here the last base painted

Now, If I combine the 2 musketeers wings I intended to use for commanded shot or storming party, with this pike block... Voilà, we have a brand new Tercio/Regiment for the Imperials, to fight along his Habsburg cousins in Madrid against the Swedish at Nordlingen 1634, or support the Army of Flanders against Dutch or French. 

As I said, just tabletop quality, but effective, with nice base and flag, Quickshade method is not unpleasant to the eye. Of course most of my units are and will be painted with more elaborate techniques or just highlighting over the Quickshade.

The Second part of this post is the continuation of the test my friend did with the 3D modified miniatures. The next 3 miniatures are Mars 1/72 "Later Spanish" enlarged to 30mm... of course the lack of quality is evident, the miniatures themselves were poorly sculpted in their  original scale, so If you make them bigger, their shortcomings become bigger too, but nevertheles I have made a command base  for a battalia with them.  Just for fun. I hope you like it!

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