Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Projects for 2019!

Hello all mates,

9 months have passed since I started this blog, In these months I have been posting miniatures painted by me, either recently or in the past few years.  In 2018 I have painted 77 miniatures (horses included)  in 28mm scale, plus scenery and some vehicles in various scales... (compared to 68 painted in 2017) This year I will try to beat my record!

What can you expect from this blog in the next months?  Well, I have several "active" projects (and several inactive too !) So here you have a little preview of what is going to come.


- I will finish a Spanish Tercio, the "old Yellows", Tercio Amarillos Viejos or Tercio of Burgos, so my late XVII century army will be expanded.

- I want to base a couple of units painted for me by the very talented Toby, from Artmaster Studio;  The French Guards/Gardes Fran├žaises (circa 1667-1680) and the Spanish Trozo de Extremadura/  Extremadura cavalry "regiment".

- Base and make "playable" my 30 years war armies, Spanish and Protestants.

- Weather my (half painted) Stalingrad Flames of War German Panzers! (I go to Stalingrad this summer, so my "hype" is increasing!

- Start painting any unit for the "War of Devolution" 1667-68 project, although I have already some valid units for this project. I want French King's Musketeers, more Spanish horse and foot for 1660', French/Scottish Dillon's Regiment, etc...

- Maybe starting a Portuguese army for their Restoration or Independence War, painting command groups for my existing TYW units with interesting English regiments from their Restoration period.

-Post more pics from my Late Roman and Sassanid Persian armies, and expanding them.

-this is an open list, probably I will add a high number of random posts of historical miniatures!­čśë

-Byzantines ??? When Aventine Miniatures decide to sell them, I definitely will buy them for my Army of Belisarius !


-Continue with my Warhammer Empire army:  War Wagon, Knights, Pistoliers, more infantry...

-Start an Oldhammer Orcs & Goblins army

-continue painting Warhammer Quest miniatures.

- Mordheim: finish my Reikland Warband, and start a new one!

-Painting more scenery (Tabletopworld!!) and scrachtbuilt.

-Warmaster 10mm miniatures? I had enough miniatures for at least an army of Orcs, and some Empire troops...

Some random preview pics of some things to come :


  1. I will follow your work, they always cause me delight 8)

    1. Thanks Klingula! I will try not to dissapoint!