Friday, 10 May 2019

More Fantasy "Speedpainting": Quickshade Orcs

Hello hobby mates!

I have decided to give my orcs a big impulse,  for 2 main reasons: 1) I need bad guys for my Warhammer Quest adventures and 2) I want a second (painted) army to fight my Empire forces.

I have some classic orcs since 1999 or so, and I have bought some 4th/5th edition orcs in the last 5 years, so nowadays I have a respectable force to play with (which needs to be painted!).

I want to paint my army in 2 painting standards; 
- tabletop quality for most plastic monopose figures, orc swordsmen & bowmen and  goblin  spearmen.

-good quality for metal miniatures and the first row of plastic miniatures in a unit.

I don't like to paint tabletop quality miniatures, but as I want to field this army "soon" so I thought a solution:

- prime the miniatures in grey
- airbrush the miniatures in goblin green or similar
- basecoat all the colours (light colours rather than dark)
- Army Painter Quickshade strong tone dip
- just a highlight for most colours, maybe two for the skin, 10 min aprox per miniature.
- matt varnish and base.

I have tried the previous method with good results in my humble opinion. It is just a tool to speed up the process of mass painting.


primed and airbrushed

basecoated and given a coat of Quickshade

single highlight 48 hours after the Quickshade and BEFORE matt varnish

based and matt varnished, the miniature is finished and just need his shield.

Time of actual painting each miniature... maybe 20-25 minutes! 

But you don't paint just one, you paint in batches of 5-10 miniatures, so you can paint most basic troops in a month, and the result is nice enough (at least for me!).

Here are my first batch of speedpainted Orcs:


Monday, 29 April 2019

Front Rank conversions in 28mm for 1670' PART II

Hi guys!

I have just "reinforced" my late XVII Spaniards with 4 new pikemen for a Provincial Tercio in Franco Dutch War, or in League of Augsburg War, sorry for the slow update, I am working on several projects, so this one will be slower from now on, but  an advancing one though ;)  

Here is the unit painted so far:

And now the conversions themselves;  you saw them in the first April post here:

I used a Bicorne miniatures ECW pikeman, in order to depict an old fashioned coat along the newer longer coats... I modified him with a feather in his hat and a green stuff cravatte in his neck. As it is a Provincial Tercio, those were low budget units, roughly trained and equiped. I avoided giving them a full uniform, but "off white" grey or beiges are dominant with red.

the other 3 figures are modified scythemen from Front Rank:

I used mostly Vallejo and Foundry paints, with some Citadel, and tried some new tones, like the grey coat on the pikeman standing with his pike upright, I think the contrast is too strong for my taste, but I left him like that anyway.

I hope you like them!


Thursday, 18 April 2019

Warhammer Empire Crossbowmen

Hello Gentlemen,

This time I was motivated enough to take some pictures of my painted Empire Crossbowmen "regiment" I want to paint 2 more crossbowmen in order to have 12 in total.

They are miniatures from the early nineties, all the different models released indeed; 4 soldiers of the empire with crossbows, and all the "Tilean" crossbowmen released for the Empire (still have to paint 2 of them), plus musician and standard bearer.

I painted them in 2014 or 2015 I think, so my painting skills have improved since then... but I am still satisfied with the results :)   I painted them in Talabecland colours,  inspired by the 'eavy metal team pictures of the good old times. Although my army is "multi provincial" so regiments from all over the Empire! I like the colorfull army from 4th and 5th editions. I hope to take pictures of the whole army anytime soon.

now the pictures

The unit so far:

And all the miniatures painted:

I may substitute the flag, printed from the internet (low resolution design) with the proper flag (same desgin)  cut out from a 1992 White Dwarf I bought a couple of years ago !

I hope you like this little update of my Empire army!

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Some conversions and minis in 28mm for 1660-70'

Hello guys!

After I finished Tercio of "Amarillos Viejos", I thought about making a small unit of a musketeer wing or Free company of musketeers for War of Devolution, using Blood & Plunder's Spanish militia... I also thought about converting some Front Rank miniatures  (Monmouth packs) into some Provincial Tercios raised in Catalonia for the campaign of 1673...

Here is the first base of the unit, the command base: Blood & Plunder officer, Front Rank converted ensign and Front Rank converted drummer.

The plan is:

- using Blood & Plunder Dutch and Spanish militia for Spanish and Walloons in 1650-68, not as a full tercio but yes as musketeer wings or "mangas de mosqueteros"  I have made some minor conversions adding feathers, and substituting heads with Steve Barber's TYW heads (great quality and value). Maybe some muskets rests too.

pics of miniatures , in my opinion, for troops in the 1650-60' with some conversions.

official photo of the web page.


official photo of the web page, Spanish militia

The first conversion, I cut his head and added a Steve Barber one, also his arquebus was upgraded and now is a musket with musket rest, his base is cut in order to be glued in a multiple base

I love the Spanish officer in high cuffs and open coat! I painted it this weekend, my first painted Blood & Plunder miniature:

- using Front Rank Monmouth rebellion figures;   Maybe these are my favourite miniatures from Front Rank...

command blister

I converted several of these miniatures for my "miquelets" or Catalan Skirmishers in League of Augsburg War and Franco Dutch War, you can see them here:

some examples:

In the command blister, the drummer in the middle of the bottom row: I cut his woollen hat, and gave him another one, in plastic. I added a moustache and a feather (greenstuff). Here is a W.I.P. picture

And made an ensign too, with one scythemen


More scythemen were easily converted into pikemen using Warlord Games ECW' plastic pikes, and Wargames Factory sword.  These pikemen are for my Provincial Tercio without proper uniform.

There is also a Bicorne Miniatures  ECW pikeman,  I really like this pack of Bicorne Pikemen, I will use them both for my (late) 30 years war and 1650, and for my War of Devolution or old fashioned uniform in later times. I "sculpted" a feather and a cravatte or necklace to give some 1660-70 flavour.