Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Spaniards for late XVII Century PART II

Hi guys,

I have painted some examples of the comissioned sculpts. Please note these are not profesionally sculpted miniatures, so their quality is average, but good enough for me, for rank and file troops they are ok, or to add some variety to the Northstar 1672 Range.

I use Front Rank miniatures for slightly later period (1690's) but I think for 1660-1690 they are fine.

Lets start with a Pikeman with cuirass, I painted with the colors of Tercio de Madrid "old reds"

Now a foot dragoon, or musketeer If I convert the boots into common shoes and paint red legs...

Finally a Caballo Coraza or Cuirassier riding a Northstar 1672 horse. I wanted the miniature to be very close in size to that range, because I like it a lot and I can use the horse command group with my own miniatures.

I hope you like them!

In the near future I plan to paint a Tercio mixing some of my pikemen and my officer (not painted yet) with Northstar 1672 miniatures.



  1. Tremendous stuff. I too am interested in this period and have a large forces of French, Dutch, Assorted German and of course Spanish.

    I love the Cuirassiers with the morion helmet. I shall have to convert a regiment for my army.



  2. Thanks for your comment Colin, this one was sculpted from scratch, but you can easily convert Northstar 1672 , Dixons, or Warfare MIniatures cuirassiers with plastic morions from Warlord games' ECW range.

  3. Very lovely, I will, eventually, do Spanish armies for the League of Augsburg!

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